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Planetside 2: first impressions

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vanel86 said...
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The game is nice but still very buggy. Hopefully soe will do a better job than ps1 and everquest launches. I'm doing a mostly passive playstyle, doing repair and/or medic duty, the starter gear is cheap but the weapons or the vehicle stuff is bloody expensive.

I'm not going to do day-to-day commentary yet due to a combined burnout from job, lack of eventful gaming(due to friends already playing on a low intensity server i'm doing mostly jack shit) and being generally tired of commentating matches for the sake of blog posting even if there is nothing to report(being burned the fuck out of wot is not going to help on this bullet point)

In case you want a day-today report here is the first gaming week

05/02 lv12 - > unlocked medic tool&suit kit lv4
03/02 lv11 -> unlocked starter gear for engineer (shield buffer, tool at lv3, restoration kit at lv1 for all classes)
02/02 lv10 -> unlocked starter gear for medic (suit skill, shield buffer, tool at lv3)
01/02 lv07-09 - tinkered with medic
28/01 lv04-06 -> tinkered with engineer
27/01 lv01-05 -> started with heavy assault

PlanetSide 2

PlanetSide 2 (PC)

Genre/Style: Shooter/Shooter
Release Date:
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