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MMO status

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vanel86 said...
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Hi there fellas!,
You may wonder what I have been up to until now, as you may have been seen from the empty posts made by gamerdna i have been playing some mmos, rather than going to compile them all i have removed them and i'll compile a status report on them here.

MECHWARRIOR ONLINE: The game is a wreck, weapon balance is dealt by nerfing a gun into submission and buffing others at random to create an illusion of change. There is no proper matchmaker, no guild mechanic, population is so low you can't find any proper 12-man lance at euro time. I have seen few games going to launch in such a state. Shame they destroyed MW:LL in order to get more fans on their game, esp given the very good and skilled player base, which brings me to the biggest issue with the game. THE PLAYER BASE. Like WoT and every single free multiplayer FPS with rpg progression, the players are the lowest tier of mouthbreating chucklefucks but PGI is trying the damnedest to appeal to those idiots rather than the hardcore tabletop and old school players that give them chuck loads of founder money, so the game is always shifted into what the shitlords pubbies like, so its brawler time all time due to their inability to team-play.

FIREFALL: While mechwarrior online is a wreck by being badly balanced, firefall is a wreck by being late to the game with pretty much no content. The game had potentials when it was announced but it missed the mmorpg train by a long shot and, by the state of the open beta, is going to miss the mmofps train too. The game is repetitive and has zero reason to level up(you get to use higher level weapons that deal a VERY LITTLE BIT more damage than stock but you need to buy them again after a while due to tear).The game engine is pretty shameful, no matter how they try, the game is unresponsive when you have more than 50 characters (be it mobs or players) on screen and the game has several game events happening that requires to have similar numbers of people. For a MMO that is a disaster, i have been in BF3 server with higher density of players in one spot:/ I am pretty sad for the game as it has shown some good ideas at the time of launch and it supports very extensive modding. I sincerely hope that the devs starts working rather than slacking off like they did
Firefall Beta

Firefall Beta (PC)

Genre/Style: Shooter/Third-Person 3D Shooter
Release Date: 01/JAN/12
MechWarrior Online

MechWarrior Online

Release Date:
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