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vanel86's gameplay for World of Tanks (PC)

vanel86 played World of Tanks

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vanel86 said...
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This evening we played a friendly game(training room) with another italian clan. We did a rather simple tactic(FOCUS FIRE!), won some and lost some. Everybody were happy yet i felt no feeling towards them, neither hapiness for a decent match nor anger for having to rely on a third party server for comms rather than using the one i manage to secure. Next time i log on on my main pc i'll kill the content posts(like hell they are going to freeload!), delete the user on their forums and dejoin from the wot clan. Gamerdna(like usual) is not tracking my real game sessions, so if you are curious on how i'm killing time, i'm playing most wanted(2012), the game is very asettic and cold but fun.
World of Tanks

World of Tanks (PC)

Genre/Style: Simulation/Simulation
Release Date: 12/APR/11
127 minutes
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