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vanel86's gameplay for World of Tanks (PC)

vanel86 played World of Tanks

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vanel86 said...
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I got a email notification from a buddy about a free code for the second anniversary of World of Tanks commercial launch. I redownloaded the game to see whats what and to check if the game got somehow better (SPOILER ALERT: it doesn't). While the tank trees got wider the games is still somehow skewed to force premium and the new game modes while potentialy fun are not understtod by the gamer collective. In fact the game got better but the problem still remains with the users, somehow they managed to increase the numbers while keeping the sum of their collective IQs the same. Now you have matches where the objective is to defend and you get level 6-7 still rushing the enemy camp while letting everybody come get the base you were supposed to turtle and defend. On the other side of the fence you get matches where you need to attack and still they keep themself into base because "they don't want the enemy to cap"...When your objective is to cap the shared flag or the lone enemy flag. If the psychos that wanted proof about chem trails, haarp, vaccines making people stupid should notice the game, every chance to prove them wrong would be lost as there is no reasonable way somebody could be born that stupid.
World of Tanks

World of Tanks (PC)

Genre/Style: Simulation/Simulation
Release Date: 12/APR/11
586 minutes
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