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vanel86 said...
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I was at a mate house since the weather was horrible and i did not have much to do at my house either, so we dusted off his xb360 and downloaded some crap on our avatars(the holidays free gift package on both and the free chocobo for me) and tried for fun the xb360 arcade sampler disc(that we forgot to have since it was in the same package of sega tennis) starting from uno(especially since we have a very common card game in our city, gnagno, that plays exactly like uno). For the first time i was able to bitchslap the AI and win(for some mysterious reason i get rolled over by any carbonated games variant of uno, be it the msn or the xbox version). We tried the partner mode but we did not understand how to play it with two people on the same console, every time it played only on the first guy to press buttons while selecting the game and then it got stuck with that player...

Uno (X360)

Genre/Style: Traditional/Card Game
Release Date: 09/MAY/06
25 points
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