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vanel86's gameplay for Turok (PC)

vanel86 played Turok

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vanel86 said...
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I've finished turok. I think this game is a low rental, buying it is not a wise choice(it was a gift so i don't care about the waste of cash). The game is filled with consoleitis up to the top, beside the quick time events you got too many "boss" encounters which require puzzle thinking to resolve(and you don't get even some sorts of visual clue on how to kill them), i had to resort to savestate switching(downloaded a complete profile from internet) because the hitspot detection on the hive monster was so finnicky. Plus the ending was a goddamn chain of QTE which made me cry tears of blood thanks to the double mouse click event(i got a damn wireless mouse that skip one out of two click if i hammer it so it basically it did not fair that well, extending the fight) and the damn final dinosaur did not wanted to go down(i got a brain fart and forgot about the knife combo at the end so it got much longer than it should be). After finishing the game i started the original(another birthday gift, turoks seems to be quite common as gifts form me) on my netbbok, without the "encompassing dramatic story"(which was a ripoff of both aliens and starship troopers in my opinion) it was more fun(hilariously the ia is somehow equivalent to both games, the enemies in the new game seems to not have one bullrushing you). They should have stick to their guns and made a real turok game. I think they had to do the silly SCIFI game due to engine restraints, all the ut3 tech games seems unable to do proper games without the disco lights or the bulky charachters.

Turok (PC)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 22/APR/08
288 minutes
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