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vanel86's gameplay for Turok (PC)

vanel86 played Turok

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vanel86 said...
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I give turok a spin, well....i'm not impressed, first the textures even at maximum are very low res, they added an excessive quantity of emo and last but not least the localized version has its audio desynced. The multiplayer is a heap of shit, requiring to subscribe to some godforgotten service(quezal). The gameplay on the other hand seems a little better, while the enemies are dumb as lamposts the random dinoaurs are a nice touch to freshen the gameplay a bit(the quick time events are not, they are stupid on a pc game and in general on all fps). It still has the Unreal 3 engine habit of having bulky muscular main character though...

Turok (PC)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 22/APR/08
81 minutes
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