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vanel86's gameplay for Test Drive Unlimited (PC)

vanel86 played Test Drive Unlimited

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vanel86 said...
  • frustrated
  • Advanced
Bought some cars to do some some finnicky races and i feel i shouldn't bought those, the cars are a non tuned (which tuned up to full) e-type for the volcano challenge(which i won without major issues) which handles like a boat and a skyline for a couple of E rank races i skipped while powerleveling i suppose...which lacks speed overall and accelleration after fourth gear...i already put the jag on sale hoping to get back some of the wasted cash...i will keep the skyline in case i feel to be unfast and/or quite not furious...
Test Drive Unlimited

Test Drive Unlimited (PC)

Genre/Style: Racing/Sports Car Racing
Release Date: 28/MAR/07
157 minutes
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