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vanel86's gameplay for Shift 2: Unleashed (X360)

vanel86 played Shift 2: Unleashed

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vanel86 said...
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OK i'm fed up with this shit. I'm getting stuck at rather simple races because the ia will decide to use me as a curb or a rubber tire at the hard corners. I have found a trainer which will let me lock them in first gear so i don't need to watch for them. I am not going to use it always but i am afraid i am going to use it a lot. Since i am a bit frustrated with this game i will start deus ex, even if xfire does not support it and gamerdna does not get steam timing, i am not willing to go bonkers for a second rate game
Shift 2: Unleashed

Shift 2: Unleashed (X360)

Genre/Style: Racing/Racing
Release Date: 29/MAR/11
251 minutes
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